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If leakage and moisture penetration is cause by building movement or settlement with resultant “joint-checking”, your stone caulk/sealant needs some assistance.  Unknown building movement is among the primary causes of joint caulk/sealant failure.  To specify a particular caulk/sealant, owner/architect must determine extremes of joint movement.  Sealant manufacturers offer scribe kits to make these determinations and calculations.
Caulking/sealing a stone joint does not remove nor compensate for movement or settlement of a building.  It is suggested the interposition of WEATHERCAP® (as illustrated) in caulked/sealed stone joints to take the abuse of such stress is in order;  and, WEATHERCAP®, being an ADJUNCT to caulk/sealant, reduces the size opening of a joint to be caulked/sealed to assure improved, long lasting, leak-free joints.

Interpose WEATHERCAP® in your caulked/sealed joints.  The selection of proper sized WEATHERCAP® is controlled by measurement of joint opening to be caulked/sealed plus maximum percentage of joint movement experienced per scribe test plus ¼’’.  The aforestated is the sum size of the outer dimension of each WEATHERCAP® as installed (See chart on next page).

WEATHERCAP® is a soft lead strip, when set and bedded in caulking compound/sealant, form a cap which assures a permanent elastic seal for any masonry joint.  After installation, WEATHERCAP’S® surface oxidizes rapidly to a dead neutral grey which blends with masonry.
It is made in Type A and Type B, as illustrated (not to scale), all shipments being in 6’ lengths.


WEATHERCAP® Joint Protective System
for horizontal and vertical joints in masonry
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