Weathercap’s main attributes are

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  • Size of masonry joint is reduced by ½ when Weathercap is interposed in a joint between sealants.
  • Weathercap remains flexible.
  • Weathercap will not tear or shear.
  • Weathercap covers the sealant, thereby prolonging life and preventing margin checking.
  • Weathercap is not a conductor of heat & cold.
  • Weathercap resists corrosion.
  • Weathercap can be painted.
  • Weathercap resists mold attack on covered sealant in high humidity areas.
  • Stress to copings atop parapets, as well as, right angle junctions of two walls, are buffeted by Weathercap.
  • Other properties of Weathercap are, it is low in tensile strength, hardness, elastic modulus, and creep strength. Because of these and others listed above after a building movement, the low creep strength causes the lead to creep into the new configuration. Temperature change accelerates this creep movement. The low elastic modulus allows this process to continue indefinitely within the joints design limits. Other metals would retain their original shape and permit moisture into the joint.